25 Bookish Facts About Me


Hello Everyone,

Today I am sharing with you 25 bookish facts about me. Once I started jotting these down, I had a hard time stopping. The ones listed below are the first 25 that came to my mind, without any particular order.

  1. I judge books by their covers. When I am in a bookstore I am always attracted to books that have nice covers, if they do, then I will read the synopsis. The only books I purchase without looking at the cover are ones that are recommended to me or books that I have previously heard about.
  2. When I read, I love complete silence.
  3. But I can also read in public transportation, and if I do, I zone out and when I get off the train and look back to the journey, I realize I completely forgot about it.
  4. I like to read by myself because I love crying reading books. If a book makes me cry I love doing so alone, because I almost never cry in front of people.
  5. My favorite place to read is the upstairs bathroom at my parent’s house back in Italy because it had a glass door that looks over the park and because I love wrapping myself up in the warm and fuzzy towels. Weird, I know.
  6. If I like a book, it is easy for me to start it and keep reading it until I am done. Many times I ate in my room reading and my parents would not see me for 24 hours.
  7. I got the 7th Harry Potter book at 10 am on the day it came out. I got home and did not get out of my bed and out of the bathroom, where I read it, for a day and a half. My mother brought me food upstairs. And yes, I finished the 7th HP book in my bathroom, which was convenient because I did not waste any tissues; I had toilet paper right there.
  8. In seventh grade I read an adult book because a boy I then fancied and was older than me, liked it. So I read it to talk about it with him, just to realize that what I had to say was more interesting than what he had to say about it. I am so mean.
  9. I never wish for a character to kill someone or to be killed. Punished, yes, killed, no.
  10. I love drinking tea or coffee when I read.
  11. My favorite type of day is a weekend day, where I just stay at home and read all day long. I did it on Saturday and it was amazing.
  12. I hate when people interrupt me reading on public transportation, but I am the first one who interrupts a reader on the train who is reading a book I have previously read.
  13. When someone tells me something negative about a character I love, I will do anything in my power to change their mind, as if that character was a real person.
  14. I always need to carry a book with me. It makes me feel more at home and secure.
  15. I always have to have a book near me when I go to sleep. For some reason, I think it will keep nightmares at bay.
  16. I hate when people buy me books as a gift, unless they are 100% sure I will like it. My mother and my sister are the only people who have bought me books that I had not heard of, that I actually read. I won’t read a book given to me unless I previously knew about it and I know I will like it. I don’t know why.
  17. I love paperbacks. Way more than hardbacks.
  18. I love the smell of paper, it makes me feel calm.
  19. My favorite genres are fantasy (all kinds, and favorite by far), historical fiction, contemporary novels (but only occasionally), thrillers, gothic novels, classics (not all of them).
  20. I love when characters curse in books. I do it all the time, and if they do it, it means they are more real.
  21. I collect bookmarks, I love them.
  22. I get most of my reading done at night if it is a school day. Otherwise, I read at random times.
  23. I cringe when someone asks me to lend them a book. I actually do.
  24. When I read eBooks, I retain less information
  25. I hate the library. If I read a book, it has to be mine. I understand I am spoilt saying this, but there is just something about owning your own book that is special. I know that when I will have my own apartment I will definitely have a library, so there you go.

This is it, these are 25 bookish facts about me. Let me know some bookish facts about you and if you share any of the ones I have reported above!

Until next time,


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