November Wrap-Up

Hello Everyone!

The month of November, even though very busy, was a good reading month for me! I have had a lot of T.S. Eliot to read for class, and I am not a huge fan of him, so beware. I have eleven things to talk about today, and there is a wide arrange of genres, so let’s get started! All of these are in chronological order as usual.

  • Murder in the Cathedral, by T.S. Eliot: this is the first play Eliot completed and it was actually not that bad. I particularly enjoyed the second half, where there is a resurrection of classical rhetoric’s practices to convince the audience about the just supposedly just reasons for cardinal Beckett’s murder. I gave it 3/5 stars.
  • 9780765377159_p0_v2_s192x300The Hero of Ages (Mistborn #3), by Brandon Sanderson: I don’t think there is much to say here, except that this is probably one of my favorite books of all time. It is the perfect conclusion to an epically delightful fantasy trilogy, and I would recommend anyone to read it. 5/5 stars.
  • Allora Mi Prenderò un Cappello, by Maria Cristina Benetti: this is a memoir written by the author, recounting her story while having cancer. I was sent a digital copy by the author, and I wrote a review for it. You can find it here. I gave it 5/5 stars.
  • The Aerial Poems, by T.S. Eliot: I have already forgotten them, except for one, and I was not a huge fan. Modernist poetry is not really my thing, I prefer contemporary or Victorian and earlier. This does not apply to women’s poetry, which sometimes can be different, especially American poets. I gave it 2/5stars.
  • Hag Seed, by Margaret Atwood: 1hagseedcoverThe premise for this book is amazing. It is a re-telling of Shakespeare’s Tempest set in a jail. The main character teaches the plays of Shakespeare to a class of men in a prison, and the story revolves around a plot for revenge. This was my first Atwood novel – I have read some short story and some poetry by her – and while I did enjoy this, I was expecting a bit more. The first half of the book was really good, but I feel like the second half was slower, so I gave it 3/5 stars.
  • 51gs9di1qwl-_sy344_bo1204203200_The Girl on the Train, by Paula Hawkins: again, another book I expected more from. I had heard that it was overrated, and I think that if I didn’t listen to it in audiobook, I would not have been able to finish it. Another 3/5 stars.
  • Four Quartets, by T.S. Eliot: finally something I truly liked by Eliot! If you want to read anything by him, read Four Quartets. It is beautiful, poetic and hopeful. 4/5 stars.
  • Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them: The Original Screenplay, by J.K. Rowling: I saw the movie, loved it. I read the script, loved it. Of course it’s a 5/5 stars, and even though it should be more like a 4/5, the premise it built is genius and I can’t wait!
  • The Kiss of Deception, by Mary E. Pearson: 16429619I am so glad I read this, because I thoroughly enjoyed it! It tells the story of a princess that runs away the day of her arranged marriage, and she is followed by two people: an assassin sent to kill her, and the prince she was supposed to marry, but the reader does not know which one is which. I lived the writing and the pace, and I can’t wait to pick up the second one. I gave it 4.5/5 stars.
  • Inventions of the March Hare, by T.S. Eliot: not much to say, sorry. 1/5 stars.
  • Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, by J.K. Rowling: this is pretty self explanatory, I listened to it in audiobook before going to sleep and I loved it. I will try and listen to one HP book a month. 5/5 stars.

These are all the things that I read in the month of November! Let me know if you have read any of these and which books you liked the most this month!

Until next time,


2 thoughts on “November Wrap-Up

  1. Wow you read so many books! and I noticed you read many T.S. Eliot. I don’t think I have read any of the author’s books. That’s too bad you didn’t like The Girl on the Train. I liked that one.

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    1. I am taking a class on TS Eliot so I had to read a lot by him! And I liked the Girl on the Train it’s just that I expected a bit more you know 🙂 maybe it was the fact that it was very hyped, and I went into it with high expectations!

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