Where Have I Been?

Hello Everyone!

Indeed – Where have I been?

Last May I graduated college with a B.A. in English Literature, and minors in History and Classics. Then, I left. For a few months my life was disrupted: I moved continents, packing up my life and stalling in Italy for the summer, and then moved to Scotland to start Graduate school. All of this brought about a major reading slump – I will post about the books I read during the summer 2017 within the next few days.

Again, the start of postgraduate studies also played a major role in changing my reading habits. Suddenly, I had to research, read, and produce a lot of work. However, I was reading a lot of literary theory and non-fiction, for hours upon hours a day, so much so that when I came home my mind was exhausted, therefore the reading slump persevered.

With the new year, I realized that I am tired of it, and want to take my blog back into my hands (as we say in Italy). I am also reading a lot more novels now, even though always for school. The program I am currently attending is an MLitt in Romantic and Victorian literature, therefore I am reading loads of big books! A post is to come with a list of the works I have read so far, and my opinions regarding them.

I am excited to get back into the swing of things, and expect reviews of more classics than usual – that is all I am reading at the moment! And some of them are great. Hopefully you will enjoy my opinions on them, and believe me, classics are not as daunting as one might think!

Until next time,


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