Keky Recommends: 4 books that have influenced me

Hello everyone,

and welcome to a new post that is a bit different from others. I will be talking about 4 books that have shaped me or that I am still thinking about. These books are not necessarily my favorites of all time (even though a couple are), however, certain elements of these novels have had a deep impact on me, that it is lasting today still. Before reading this post, I want to be clear that there might be some spoilers in the descriptions of the books and why they are important to me. I will write **Spoiler Ahead**  when that happens, so that you know spoilers are coming. Without further ado, let’s get into the books that up to today have meant a great deal to me.

Chronicles of the Emerged World: Nihal of the Land of the Wind, by Licia Troisi

chronicles-of-the-emerged-world-book-1-nihal-from-the-land-of-wind-827299-250-400I started reading Licia’s books at the end of elementary school. I purchased the second installment in the Chronicles series without realizing it, read half of it and then purchased the first and binged the trilogy. I have re-read this trilogy and the whole Emerged World series multiple times, however, the first book holds a special place in my heart. Nihal’s experience has taught me that it is petty and naive to expect everything to fall into place, and that only through hard work one can achieve what they desire (sometimes not even then). It was a wake up call for a dreamy 11-year old child. Unfortunately, this trilogy is not available in the UK yet, however, if you wish to read it – which I highly recommend doing – you can do so on kindle or any other eBook app.

Anne Frank: Diary of a Girl, by Anne Frank

9780553296983_mresI remember that my elementary school teacher assigned this book on our fourth year (we were only 9). Of course I did not read it. Back then I was a voracious reader, however, I have always believed that there is a right time to read certain (heavy) books, and that right time is different for everyone. For me, the right time to read Anne Frank came when I was 16, and I am grateful I waited that long because I was amazed at Anne’s maturity and feminist awareness. It was, in fact, my first direct contact with feminist writings. Anne’s emancipated and strong voice struck me, and her speech about the independence of women writers still resonates with me. Anne was such a precocious, intelligent young woman, and her words have definitely left an impact on me, giving me the motivation to be heard.

Mr Gwyn, by Alessandro Baricco

mrgywn-italianMr Gwyn was the very first book I read by this author, and I did so when I was 18. Alessandro Baricco is a widely known Italian writer, and this book deals with getting to know one sense, in the barest sense of the word. Mr Gwyn is a writer himself, however he decides to give up writing novels, and decides to start writing people. In order to be ‘written’, these subjects will have to spend several in a special room designed by Mr. Gwyn, and, at the end of this time, he will ‘write’ their essence, and they will be able to see themselves. I loved this book because it taught me to cherish spending time and truly knowing myself, valuing the interaction I have with with people as much as the interaction I have with myself.


The Mistborn Trilogy, by Brandon Sanderson

9780765377159_p0_v2_s192x300I read these glorious books a few months after I turned 22 last year. Other than being a genius trilogy, Mistborn is also an exploration of the human character, of its darkest secrets and deepest doubts. One of them being the question of religion and afterlife. By the end of the third book, when the world crumbles and Sazed becomes Harmony, I felt that something had shifted in me. So far, I had identified with Saze’s cynical approach to religion, felt his anguish in discovering how ‘human’ and flawed religion was, and yet, he was supposed to become the new deity. It was a genial choice on Sanderson’s part, really. This trilogy ought to be read along the novella Mistborn: Sectret History, which I am currently reading and loving.

Here we go. These are the four books/series that have impacted me in the past ten years, and these are the ones that immediately popped to my mind when I started thinking about this blog post. It would be great if you could tell me some books that have impacted your life recently, I’d be curious to know!

Until next time,


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