2021 In Review and Some Goals For 2022

2021 was a great reading year. I found two new favourite series and a new favourite author. A lot of the books I read this year have stayed with me, which is always good. I hope to carry this over into 2022.

As far as stats go, I have read 108 books for a total of 34087 pages, which is great. 53.7% of the books read have LGBTQ+ rep, however only 26% were written by a BIPOC author, which isn’t great and I want to keep improving that. 85.2% of the books I read are written by women or non-binary authors. Finally, my most read genres are: Fantasy at 31.5%, Crime at 12% and Historical Fiction at 9.3%. I read very widely – I have read over 17 genres – so I am pretty pleased with this.

Highlights: new all time favourites

I fell in love with Samantha Shannon’s writing all over again. I had already read The Priory of the Orange Tree and I finally picked up The Bone Season. I have read all her works this year – including a re-read of Priory, which I loved even more than the first time around – and absolutely loved them. I can easily say she’s a favourite author of mine.

A Court of Silver Flames by Sarah J. Maas has become another book that I will re-read and think about for years to come. I was skeptical at first, but I think this is her best work yet. I will re-read it this year and savour it. I could relate to the main character, her anger and the journey she went through to process trauma.

Another new all-time favourite that has become a comfort read is The Frieda Klein Series by Nicci French. I binged it all between October and November, and I loved every minute of it. I am looking forward to a nice re-read this year.

Favourites of the Year

These are some books that I loved and enjoyed more than expected. My Brother’s Husband is an absolute joy to read, and I would recommend it to anyone regardless of age. Invisible Women is a must-read for everyone, uncovering gender bias in our everyday lives. A surprise was Piranesi. I didn’t think it would be my personal cup of tea, but it really was. Clever, well written and engrossing. The Burning God was the perfect ending for the trilogy. Although it was a bit slow in the middle, it picked up at the end and was the right conclusion to the story.

Some disappointments

From Blood and Ash really wasn’t for me. I can’t read toxic and abusive relationships that write as though they’re right and the best thing to look for in a man. No thank you. Miss Austen I found to be a bit dull, and the same goes for Everything I Never Told You – maybe the hype ruined it for me? After loving the previous two, A Vow so Bold and Deadly fell a bit flat for me and… Mexican Gothic… wow… I will just say that incest isn’t my thing, and leave it at that.

For the new year I want to keep doing what I did last year: read only things I think I will love, DNF books that I don’t like and read more by BIPOC authors. Let’s see if I can raise that stat by another 6%.

Let me know in the comments how your reading year has been, and if you have any goals for 2022!

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